Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Workday

With Mother Nature's help and support the new garden bed is finished.  The long weekend didn't hurt, either. 

Saturday morning on my knees pulling out the last of the hypericum, led to a quick trip to the Big Blue Box for plants - five azaleas and three chrysanthemums - and by Monday voila!  A bit of rain each day didn't hurt a bit, and more is expected this week to help settle them in.

They are small, but they will grow.  It's a philosophical discussion Mitchell and I have every time I plant something.  I prefer to buy many smaller plants and watch them grow, while he would like for me to get a few BIG plants.  I think they are harder to transplant and get going ... and I usually am the one digging the holes.  So, small it is.  Come back next year and suspect it will be very different!


  1. Now how did we end up on this blog?

    Glad I follow it too.

    Front bed looks great. You make me feel sooooo lazy.

    xo jane

    1. You, of all people, are not lazy! Not at all. With all that is going on in your house, I don't know how - or why? - you get out of bed in the morning!!