Saturday, April 24, 2010

Too Early for Iris!

Iris bloom in May and June. Any gardener can tell you that. Apparently someone forgot to tell the iris that this year. This beauty opened this morning - at least two weeks early.

Mother gave me this one for Christmas about three years ago and I neglected to save its tag, so haven't a clue what it is... except huge. It's about eight inches "tall" and about four inches "across" the main part of the flower and a delicious pink. Fortunately, it is also pretty happy with its conditions. There were originally two rhizones, and now I have at least four fairly large clumps - enough that I gave some away last year.

At one time I had some plants that were descended from my grandmother's favorite iris. They were a small yellow flower that succumbed to an overly wet winter several years ago. While this one can't replace that family heirloom, it certainly has made a place for itself - both in my garden and in my heart.


  1. What a beauty! Does it have a lovely scent?

  2. Beautiful. I was thinking the same thing as I was looking at some irises in Chicago trying to bloom this week at a park.

  3. Flwrjane, it does have a pretty fragrance, but not really strong. However, I just counted 17 buds that should open this week. I suspect it will smell marvelous x 17!

  4. That is such a pretty one. Most of mine are dark purple...and I'm always thinking I will pull some out and plant other colors but they are so happy I just can't do it!

  5. Hi,
    Just found your blog while hitting the Next Blog button. Glad I did, I am enjoying your beautiful gardening pictures!

    This iris looks like Beverly Sills. You can see a similar picture at this site:
    Or google "Beverly Sills Iris".

    I put these into my garden about 17 years ago. They have become more peachy thru the generations of plants but it started out a clear pink with a tangarine beard.

    You are welcome to visit my blog:
    and see what we are going this year. We live in the Pacific Northwest and although the calendar says summer, we have yet to have 3 straight days of sunshine. It's been a really cool and wet spring. I'm hoping things dry up soon so we can finish the raised beds!

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